25 May 2012

the wonderful world of wes...

Anderson, that is.

I think it's quite fitting that my first post on love & moss would be about the new Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom.  I adore all things Wes Anderson and his movies really do encompass most of what I'm passionate about.  The whimsical characters, the insanely awesome soundtracks, the halcyon imagery, the perfectly eccentric costumes...it's all effortlessly spot-on.  Oh, and Bill Murray.  They basically all have Bill Murray.  And he's kinda my hero.

From Rushmore to Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic to Fantastic Mr. Fox (and all the rest), his films win me over every time.  He always succeeds in transporting me from my theater seat to a far away place that's juuust this side of Dreamland.   The actors have this incredible combination of vulnerability and mysteriousness; they're definitely odd, but they're also relatable and, no matter who you are, you can always identify with something they're experiencing emotionally.

Moonrise Kingdom opens tonight (so you know where I'll be!) and, based on the trailer and the images I've found, it looks to be exactly what I would hope for from dear Mr. Wes: charming, funny and poignant, with just the right balance of the outrageous and the almost-believable.  Have a look-see...

what kind of bird are you?

c'mon now...that raccoon painting on the rock? slays me.

i'm sure the "island police" (read: bruce willis) are completely capable.

the best, most oddball cast of characters ever!

only in a wes anderson film would there be a kitten in a basket on the beach. bitchin'.

Check out the Moonrise Kingdom website here to watch the trailer and get lost in it's awesome world!
♥ amanda 

UPDATE: It was every bit as good as I had hoped. If you like Wes Anderson, go see this movie!

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