26 June 2012

i've died & gone to wallpaper heaven

You may have already heard of Flavor Paper, the innovative and super-cool wallpaper designers out of Brooklyn who make me wonder why any other wallpaper company bothers to exist (okay, you're right, that may have been a little harsh -- but I do think they're probably the coolest company out there right now creating art in the form of long strips of paper that get glued to walls). Or, as is the case for me, they may be a new discovery, so get ready to swoon!

They use a hand-screened printing process and everything is done in-house and made-to-order, which means you have the ability to customize their designs using colors that compliment your home, or whatever it is that you're wallpapering. They also incorporate a digital printing process which allows them to print their massive photo-like images to any scale you need without losing image quality.

Aaaaaaand here's the kicker: some of their patterns are Scratch-N-Sniff. Yeah, I'm serious. We're only a small step away from a scene out of Willy Wonky here, folks! And to be perfectly honest, I'm glad they stopped at the sniffing stage, because I don't think having guests wander around licking your walls would be all that sanitary.

So, without further ado, here are some of Flavor Paper's vivid, unique designs. They can flavor my walls any time....

L: Scratch-N-Sniff B-A-N-A-N-A-S!; R: Scratch-N-Sniff Cherry Forever

Cry Wolf

Epic Battle in Algae & Cape Cod

Sharp Descent

Leap of Faith


L: Circuit; R: Bucote

Iris in 3 shades

L: City Park; R: Secret Garden


L: Brasilia; R: Tres Chic

Flavor Paper Secret Genius Lair Headquarters
Final footnote: the front windows of their Brooklyn building actually allow passersby to watch the wallpaper being hand screened and they have a massive showroom on the 2nd floor full of delicious eye candy. I can only imagine how awesome it is! One thing's certain...the next time I'm in Brooklyn, I'll be sure to find out.

Which design is your favorite?

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